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Thanks for visiting the Lunn Family Menagerie.

We are located on the western edge of Hillsborough County near Tampa, Florida in an equestrian neighborhood. Life should be simple in our country atmosphere but with kids to raise, animals to feed and both Jim and I working, it is far from simple, but we get a lot of pleasure from life. We currently have 2.5 acres and spent last summer building a 3600 sq ft/8 stall barn for the animals. Currently we are constructing a guest quarters for Granny and Granddad Martin's winter residence.

The First And Largest Of Our Animals, The Horses

Samson joined our family July 8, 1998. His "mom and dad" were getting a divorce and at almost 30 yrs old was just too old to sell so he was a freebie. He lived in our side pasture along with his other geriatric friends and was a very happy and healthy old man til very close to the end. Clinton and Pam rode him several times a week. Even Charley at 6 years old had a wonderful command of him and was granted solo riding privileges. Samson was a quarterhorse/draft horse mix as was evident by his huge head and huge hooves. Unfortunately we lost Samson on June 30th, 2000 to old age. The vet estimated his age at 35-38 years old. He now rests in our side pasture. Gone but never forgotten.


Cisco was delivered by Santa on Christmas morning much to the delight of the children. After a little research we found out he is a "retired" circus pony and knows tricks and loves to ride the kids. His name should have been Houdini as there isn't a pasture that can contain him.
Cisco, at 5 years old is a mischevious toddler in horse drag. He can break gates, bust though fencing and will lay down and roll under the fence as you can see in the picture. Cisco is a cross between a miniature horse and a shetland pony and stands 38" at the withers.

Cisco with his buddy Baci guarding him at pasture!

The Canine Crowd:
Scrappy Doo Lunn

Scrappy Dog at 15+ is our oldest and Pam's lap dog. She is a silver poodle that was found on a public housing project in 1988. Spoiled rotten is probably the only way to describe her. She has helped Cherokee raise each and every litter of kittens and is often found laying in the kitty bed supervising the activities whenever Cherokee has other plans. Scrappy is a quiet, unobtrusive dog that just loves to be petted.

Sir Charles This is Sir Charles. He is a Dogue de Bordeaux - fancy name for a French Mastiff! He is spoiled rotten - or can you tell??? This is his favorite spot when Dad isn't around!! We adopted him in 2001 at almost a year old from Susan and Jay Bobier. They felt he needed more play area than he had at their house. They even included his baby pictures! He accompanies us to the barn for feeding and milking chores and "guards" the goats while pretending to be asleep to throw off potential predators. Boys

There has never been anything small about Charles! He made his first long road trip last Christmas when he accompanied the family to visit Granny and Granddad in WV and saw his first snow! While they weren't thrilled when he walked in the door, they reluctantly admitted how well behaved he was after a few days. He will reach close to 180 pounds at full growth! He weighs in around 140 in this picture.

BaciOur next to latest canine addition, compliments of the Riveiro Family, is Baci, an 0lde Bulldog. Baci is just about 10 months old and is coming around to our way of thinking. While she was to be Clinton's dog, she has ended up being the apple of her Daddy's eye. She is crate trained but the housetraining is taking a little longer. You can always tell when she is smiling as she sticks out those lower teeth, usually after she knows she did something wrong.

The Feline Crowd:
Cherokee The delight of our hearts, and queen of the cat house is Cherokee. Tiny brought home Cherokee in 1997. She is a wonderful calico cat that loves attention. As of June 1999 she has blessed us with four litters (a total of 21 kittens) and was spayed in August after the last litter was weaned. Clinton and Cherokee have a very special relationship and she had to be locked in the "kitty" room when raising kitties or she leaves them to sleep with Clinton.
Custard, a red tabby, is one of Cherokee's kitties from summer of 1998 and one of our outdoor cats. Custard is quite the hunter bringing mom surprises of lizards and most lately, snakes. Custard is a sweet kitty that anyone can pickup and love. He follows each time the horses are feed and snatches a few bites of the feed. He is often seen laying in the feeders helping the horses eat their grain and hay. He weaves in the feet of the horses and they have come to accept and expect his presence. Custard

Bobbi, is a cat that adopted us around March 1999. We originally named her Bob, as she is a manx which doesn't have a tail, but after a plumbing check found Bob was a Bobbi, thus the change. In the beginning Bobbi wouldn't let anyone near her. After a couple weeks of treats and gaining trust she now allows us to pick her up and pet her. She is always first at the food dish and has gained considerable weight since taking up residence at the Lunn house.

Carney, another kitten of Cherokee's from March 1999 is a pastel calico. Of all the cats, she probably has the most beautiful face. Full of kitty mischief, and dubbed Rowdy by Granddad, Carney resides in the house with Cherokee and Cowgirl. She is guarded fiercely that she does not excape to the outside until she gets spayed shortly. She too, is full of love and affection for everyone.

Cowgirl Cowgirl was the only true Calico that Mama Cherokee produced in her litters of kittens. Of course, you know she was going to stay at our house forever. She is a sweet kitty, living outdoors and always underfoot. The indoor cats have migrated to Pam's office and each has their own favorite perch from which to watch "Mom" work.
Bear, a burley black and tan tabby was from Cherokee's June litter. He joined Custard and Bobbi as small guard cats for the out of doors. He has proved to have many of Custard's traits, including an affinity for bringing snakes as little surprises. For the first three weeks of his freedom he cried to be let back into the protected world of the back porch. He seems to have adjusted better and is venturing out into the world of horses, but still stands at the door crying whenever anyone is on the back porch. Bear

Our Avian Friends:

Sara, a red lored amazon, has been with us for many years and with Tiny for almost 25 years. She is about 27 years old and lives a quiet existance on the screen porch.

C.C. and Cowboy are brother and sister Cockatiels which live in Pam's office. If it sounds like a jungle when you call her office, now you know why. They were given to us at 5 months old in November 1998 by Michelle Nee, a horse/camping buddy of ours.

Our Caprine Friends
This is Merry Milker's Pam's Prudence. She was Pam's birthday present from Georgia Mincy in October 2000. This is when she took Grand Champion at the Georgia National Fair in October 2001.

Clinton with Merry Milkers Esmeralda when she took Reserve Grand Champion Recorded Grade March 2001.

In December, Pam received a gift of two Lamancha wethers from Georgia Moyer all the way from Tennessee. Rin Tin Tin (known as Rinny) was a county fair champion this past summer and Salvadore (dubbed Sali by Charley) came along to keep Rinny company. Both are under a year old and the sweetest little things you have ever laid your eyes on. They live in their own pen within the horse pasture and have a "goatie castle" Pam constructed for them to keep them warm and dry.
Unfortunately CeeWeed was with us for less than four months. CeeWeed was bottle raised and lived in the house until about 6 weeks old. He was a wonderful purebred Nubian wether that loved car rides, animal cookies and raisin bran muffins. He would follow Pam in the yard while she did her chores and if she was out of his sight he would call "Maaaaaa" and with an answer from her of "Maaaaa's here" he would delightfully follow the voice and find his "mom". A gift from Jackie Sublette of Freeport, FL, the Weed died in Pam's arms of a urinary blockage on June 25, 1999. He may have been our first goat but will never be our last. CeeWeed will always remain in our hearts. CeeWeed

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